How to prepare DIY termite bait stations?

Are you getting pieced off with acute attacks of termites in your houses? Well, now you can opt for the best termite-extermination solution in the form of termite bait stations. If you think that purchasing these stations can be a burden on your wallet, then you can also pan for preparing the same with DIY steps.

These stations can now be created at home with the use of few basic materials or accessories and you should chalk out a proper planning along with the listing of those supplies so that proper bait stations for trapping termites can be created.

Termite Bait Stations

In this case, you can put innumerable customization features as per your own requirement so that the stations can be easily personalized. If the termite trouble is not that severe, then you can definitely rely on DIY baits and will get positive results.

Primary steps for creating bit stations for termite extermination

•    Some of the most important things that can be required for making DIY Termite Bait Stations are shovel, borax, polystyrene foam and wood. You can collect these supplies from any online store so that you can start up the procedure.

•    The places of termite infestations need to be detected first otherwise there is of no use in making any bait stations.  Check out the commonest places where wooden things are found as that will be quite easier for you to locate the exact and accurate places. Suspected areas are to be marked well so that the stations can be installed out there.

•    Shallow holes need to be created close to the targeted places otherwise the installation cannot be made in a proper manner. The holes should be accurately lined with wooden pieces and the remaining part of the hole should be essentially covered by using polystyrene foam. Wooden pieces are kept for making the termites attracted and after the termites arrive, they can be immediately killed by the foam.

•    In case of basements, attics and other related areas, you might use borax. The borax needs to be sprinkled around the wooden pieces so that the actual goal can be fulfilled. Since chemical amount in borax is much lower therefore your kids and pet animals will remain safe and only termites will be targeted. This component can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

•    You can also make installation of the bait monitors with the help of professionals in case you are not fully aware of the installation procedure. The professionals will cater you valuable suggestions and will cater you necessary assistance so that all installation steps can be easily conducted without any troubles.

•    You might not get the results instantly and thus you are suggested waiting patiently for few weeks for getting the real effects. You can make detailed inspection from time to time that whether your created baits are working properly or not. If you find that the termite attacks are reducing slowly, then you will automatically realize that the baits are working well.

Termite Bait Stations Sentricon Termite Bait System DIY

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